Can a communications training change your life? Yes it can!

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We are inspired by what we do because of the motivations behind our actions.

It is not what we do that matters so much but why we do it.

When our clients come to us, they often want to improve their public speaking, strengthen the way they pitch, gain impact or get rid off their physical fears… Those are needs that can be addressed and improved during a training. The reason why we train people is to help them realise something about themselves, something deeper than their work capacity, something deeper than their day to day appearance, something deeper than their communication.

We do not see communication as an end but as a means. We use non verbal and verbal communication techniques to help clients grow professionally and also as human beings.

When clients contact us, there is often something blocked, hidden in their brain or in their heart, something beyond communication, something that can be discovered during the preparation or the beginning of a training. This is like a knot that we untie step by step. This is the reason why I personally love training so much. Freeing participants from their knots with all respect.

Filming participants, asking them to watch themselves and analyse their own video is a key component of our methodology. Why is filming so powerful during training? The aim is not just to see the positive and negative aspects of their communications techniques. When participants review their own videos, it helps them change perspective.

They gradually learn how to accept their image, voice and words. Watching oneself allows to take a step back and change perspective. In fact, changing perspective on oneself is precisely the ingredient that helps untying psychological and physical knots. This new perspective allows participants to make peace with themselves by recognizing a knot and taking actions.

Changing perspective is the first step to a life change.

A communications training helps participants change perspective, act and make changes through communication.

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